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Unabashed Me Weekend, Day 1: COMPLETE - Undergraduate, Overgraduate, Throughgraduate [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cass - Fat And Sassy!

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Unabashed Me Weekend, Day 1: COMPLETE [Aug. 28th, 2016|02:23 am]
Cass - Fat And Sassy!
Okay, so after what felt like four straight months of madness, I was like THIS WEEKEND IS FOR ME.

Usually I over-plan and then feel guilty for not "getting everything done." So I tried something new this time. No plans. No "to do" lists full of exclamation marks. No beating myself up or overthinking.

Instead, I did this:

1) I asked myself what I felt like doing.
2) I double checked to make sure I actually felt like doing the thing. If I did:
3) I did the thing. (If I didn't, I took a breather, then returned to step 1.)

It doesn't look like much? But it's been good. I gave myself full permission to do nothing if that's what I really felt like. But even though there was lots of relaxing time in my day, I got caught up on dishes (I was woefully behind), got some groceries, and took the time to do some really good self care stuff. I feel both rested and accomplished. And I have another whole day! What is this, a WEEKEND?!